Placement announcement on the site is governed by the User Agreement.

Dear customers of the site get acquainted with the rules for placing the announcement. This will make your business easier.


  1. Do not place an announcement, otherwise it will not be published
  2. Do not write a price in the heading section and only use capital letters, use the caps lock function
  3. Do not post content, pictures, or videos that are not part of the illustration
  4. Erotic photos, video downloads are strictly prohibited, as well as an ad (title, text, images, video) or erotic user name, pornographic, obscene, extremist comments or ideas about the state, including express. The use of other content and concepts that do not meet the requirements of is unacceptable and will lead to the removal of your ad and the blocking of your mobile phone number, e-mail. Because you are strictly violating the rules
  5. Uploading the logos of other sites on the Site will not be published otherwise
  6. Add the hand in the cigar to which it belongs
  7. It is not permitted to place the products of different categories within one announcement. (eg: Telephone and Television, Clothing and Furniture, Computer and Camera, Bicycle, etc) within a single ad
  8. When listing an item, please indicate your active personal number and notify other person's contact number. Changes to the contact number are not allowed during the activation period, whether it is either free or not
  9. Buy the existing one and set the price real
  10. Placement of banned products (psychotropic, narcotics, etc.) and services (illegal activity, etc.) is inadmissible - site management reserves the right to update or modify the posting rules at any time without notice.

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